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From Storyboard to Post

When it comes to film production, it is a foregone conclusion, getting from storyboard through the principal photography process is in itself, a huge accomplishment. Notwithstanding, the battle has only just begun. Now comes the tedious task of post-production. This my friend is when it all comes together… We hope! The four words that is hated by any editor with his or her salt, “Fix it in Post.” It’s like hearing the mechanic say, “We need to take a look at the pistons”. Obviously no easy task, nor cheap. I have but one goal while on the set, add as little to the “fix it in post” list as possible. There will be plenty to fix without creating other added issues.

Sound sweeting, color timing and of course the assembly process takes more than its fair share of time. Add special effects and the time sitting in front of Final Cut is quantified by a factor of one hundred. When completed, I will have seen the production just shy of a million times. Exaggeration? Yes, but, not by much. Since finishing Rock Bottom, I have seen the film maybe twice, since. It all looks like work to me. We should have done this, or we should have done that. That being said, I’m sure that when Angels Wings is finished, I won’t be watching that production more than a couple of times either. For sanity purposes we move on to the next production, leaving yesterday’s production far behind, save for the casual educational prattle over a cup of coffee with friends.

I will say this; we will have a rather comprehensive behind-the-scenes video and pictorial coming soon. For those who have film production coursing through their veins, this should be quite enjoyable. Until the next post… Ciao for now.