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Rock Bottom

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When one hits rock bottom what are the warning signs? What are the consequences? Is there a way back and how does one find it? Rock Bottom is a short film about a man that faces these all too familiar challenges. Does he indeed find the road back from self destruction?

Director Statement

I tip my hat in honor to the greats such as Clint Eastwood, Kevin Costner and Jodi Foster. It is they who come to the top of head that I know have taken the challenge of directing themselves in film. It’s kind of like judging yourself pole vaulting, naked; nothing easy about any of it. Never again, comes to mind, but we all know what that means, don’t we? That being said, for those who know of someone who suffers addiction, this film is for you.


Directed and Produced – Rick Lord
Co-Producer – Phillip Wade
Associate Producer – Tim Wade
Director of Photography – Rick Lord
Edited by – Tim Wade
Rick Lord
Anita McIntire
Juliana Dent

Did You Know?

  • Rock Bottom was shot entirely on the Canon 60D