Matchlight Films Meeting this Saturday!

We have a new location for our Saturday morning meetings. Thanks to Suez Smith, she has found a restaurant which will put up with all of us. “Almost Home Restaurant” is willing to take on that huge risk! That all being said, this coming Saturday will be the big test...

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Merry Christmas!

As we are now knee deep in the Christmas season, we take a moment to express our appreciation for your continued support and contribution to the success of Matchlight Films. We wish for you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

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Fall Update from Matchlight Films

Happy Thanksgiving from Matchlight Films! Time is really flying by, isn’t it? Well we’re getting closer¬†to filming “After Sonya” finally. We met with construction coordinator, Todd Spiegelberg, to discuss the set building requirements for the bathroom set and Janet Beeson is well underway looking for set elements such as the...

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November Update from Matchlight Films

We are working hard on getting our website facelift completed this week. We should be well on to something new by this coming weekend. And there’s something in it for you as well. Last Saturday marked our first acting class for Matchlight Films and from what we we’ve heard, all...

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Announcing Chryzinium in Pre-Production

We’re pleased to we are moving ahead rapidly on producing Chryzinium. So much has happened over the past week, I can only say… WOW! We hope the short notice doesn’t catch you too far off guard but, there are plenty of good reasons. Please let me know if we can...

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From Storyboard to Post

When it comes to film production, it is a foregone conclusion, getting from storyboard through the principal photography process is in itself, a huge accomplishment. Notwithstanding, the battle has only just begun. Now comes the tedious task of post-production. This my friend, is when it all comes together… We hope!...

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Latest from the Art Department

“Independent filmmaker” is another way of saying, “Must Be All Things”. Today I’m the props painter, I’m working diligently with the art department… Or should I say, I am the art department… At least for today I am. Angels Wings is still three and half weeks away but, it seems...

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Angel’s Wings Preproduction

As we're just now forming Matchlight Films, the tasks at hand can be a bit overwhelming. As soon as one task is crossed off the list, five more rear their ugly heads. I've been working with Redrock Micro obtaining the camera rig, mattebox and follow focus assemblies and I can tell you from the front row seat, not an easy endeavor. While all parts are in an assembled, there is still a few more to go. I'll be quite happy when I'm done with that little chore.

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Rock Bottom Released!

When one hits rock bottom what are the warning signs? What are the consequences? Is there a way back and how does one find it? Rock Bottom is a short film about a man that faces these all too familiar challenges. Does he indeed find the road back from self destruction?...

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