John Gussman and his daughter Madison have a choice to make. To be a part of a new Chryzinium world or not. What is Chryzinium? What does it offer? And who brings it? A family forced to make a choice.

Director Statement

While Chryzinium may just be a short film, the story is abundant on subject matter, suspense, and visual effects. John Gussman and his daughter Madison are subjects of a post-apocalyptic era in which the controversial life-altering drug, Chryzinium, has become universal law. Chryzinium asks the basic question, how far will we go as the human race to survive?


Writer, Director – Rick Lord
Producers – Rick Lord, Phillip Wade, Tim Wade
Associate Producers – Michelle Brubaker, Steve Van Noy, Reuben Doornenbal, Freres Lumber Company, Chuck Hellet, Stephen O’Donnell
Executive Producers – Ty Moore, Angie Moore, Edward Stiner
Cast – Rick Lord (John Gussman), Phoebe Jacobs (Madison Gussman), Tracy Wachter Webber (John Gussman’s Wife), Phillip Wade (Eli), Tim Mark Wade (Cory Gussman), Edward Stiner (Luke), Hunter Rose Teal, Judee Yerion, Suez Smith, Danny O’Donnell, Scott Bettis, D.J. O’Donnell
Art Director – Janet Beeson
Director of Photography – Phillip Wade
Assistant Director/Gaffer – Todd Spiegelberg
Special Thanks – Gladys Blum, Chris Bryant, Lynn O’Donnell, Michael O’Donnell

Did You Know?

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Announcing Chryzinium in Pre-Production

We’re pleased to we are moving ahead rapidly on producing Chryzinium. So much has happened over the past week, I can only say… WOW! We hope the short notice doesn’t catch you too far off guard but, there are plenty of good reasons. Please let me know if we can...

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