Announcing Chryzinium in Pre-Production

We’re pleased to we are moving ahead rapidly on producing Chryzinium. So much has happened over the past week, I can only say… WOW! We hope the short notice doesn’t catch you too far off guard but, there are plenty of good reasons. Please let me know if we can expect you or not. We are ramping up very fast so all I can say is… Hang On!

Because we are ramping up our production to full speed ahead, we will be meeting every Saturday morning at 9:00 AM, beginning this coming Saturday. Bad Girls coffee seems to be the best place to have these meetings so unless something better comes along, this is it. This will be the schedule at least until we move into principal photography. We were originally planning the end of March as our target date for that to happen. However, we soon realized we needed more time so we pushed to the third week of April. Then, my wife informed me that Easter falls on the third week of April, so now we’re scheduling for the forth week of April. Does that mean we start on Monday the 21st? I don’t know yet. We may need to start on the 25th, buying us some weekend time, which would push us to that following Friday. Fortunately, summer doesn’t begin around here until July. Neither here nor there, this will get done as we will not be thwarted! Ha ha! Todd, our production designer, has compiled a materials list for the exterior sets. As soon as he completes the interior parts list, we will be sending out both interior and exterior parts list to you. That means, if you think you have too many 2X4’s holding your house together, we’ll be glad to take any extra’s.

We realize not everyone can make all of the meetings and that’s okay. Part of having the meetings is so we can visit face to face, which helps to energize all of us as we get this thing to fly. Do what you can do. In other words, be there if you can. We’ll still be in contact via email, so you’ll always be in the loop, regardless. Also, if you would, please check with the props list occasionally, posted on the Matchlight Films site. Who knows, you just might have something come across your path we can use. One thing of great importance that comes to the top of the list, is an old round top 40’s type tube radio. (Round Dial) Just so you know, we will have to destroy the radio to rig the special effects components in the thing to make it work the we need it to work for the scene.

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