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“Independent filmmaker” is another way of saying, “Must Be All Things”. Today I’m the props painter, I’m working diligently with the art department… Or should I say, I am the art department… At least for today I am. Angels Wings is still three and half weeks away but, it seems as though time is traveling quite a bit faster as principal photography draws near.

The colors for Angel’s room are all designed around a secretary hutch that was purchased for the project. Since it is a real cool piece of furniture it was decided that we keep the color of said green hutch and design the color pallet around the monstrosity. I don’t think there are many 9 year old girls that would honestly appreciate the greeness of it all but, who’s asking, right? All in all, if there is one thing hate most, it’s painting. I think I’d rather be hand digging an olympic size swimming pool. I cannot seem to paint anything without getting paint every where and on every thing and my job has only begun. The bed has to be painted, the table has to be painted, the rocker has to be painted, the toy chest has to be painted and of course, the set has to be painted. You can see where I’m going with this; straight into what seems like a never ending bucket of paint.

Please, if there is someone out there that has a God given love affair with paint, by all means, give me a call… Till then, you’ll know where I’ll be.

~ Rick Lord

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