Angel’s Wings Preproduction

As we’re just now forming Matchlight Films, the tasks at hand can be a bit overwhelming. As soon as one task is crossed off the list, five more rear their ugly heads. I’ve been working with Redrock Micro obtaining the camera rig, mattebox and follow focus assemblies and I can tell you from the front row seat, not an easy endeavor. While all parts are in an assembled, there is still a few more to go. I’ll be quite happy when I’m done with that little chore.

When we finished “Rock Bottom”, I think it was then, we, as in Phillip and Timothy and I, decided we should go into the filmmaking biz. I say Biz lightly. After 30 years in the “Biz” I can honestly attest to the fact, there really isn’t much Biz in the Biz, unless one finds a real strong niche’ in the Biz. Our niche’… Ministry based short films. However, I think ministry may be a bit strong. Maybe we’re more into the inspirational, challenging type ministerial stories. Ya that’s the ticket… I’ll go with that for now.

September 14th is quickly coming upon us. This is the day we film “Angels Wings”,  another one of our short film ministry type pieces. The sets are being designed and built by Golden Rule Remodeling, here in Salem, the warehouse space is being prepped and the lightng package is being put together. Kind of… Ha ha… Still a long ways to go. I picked up another lens yesterday, a 28mm 2.8f which seems to be a real nice piece of glass. A little slow but, for the motion picture stuff we’re doing, not too bad. The week coming up will be full of entertaining snafu’s, I’m sure. We’ll deal with those just like all the others. Hands in our faces and weeping like babies… Kidding of course. Till the next time, ciao for now.

~ Rick Lord

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