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Angel’s Wings: A Gift Returned

Angel's Wings

Behind the Scenes

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Angels walk among us and come in many forms. Aborted at four months, nine year old Angela receives the greatest gift ever. A glimpse of a life she never had. God’s gift returned is heavens’ gain.

Director Statement

To express visually what’s not only important to me, but what is also important to an entire society, is in itself the main reason I love the art of filmmaking. To tell the story about what could have been is what Angel’s Wings is all about. Do the aborted know they are aborted? Do they think about what life they could have had? How best to think about that than through film. Not to judge, but to expose and consider, that is why I felt Angel’s Wings could be a film that all would relate to.


Written, Directed and Produced by Rick Lord

Producers – Phillip Wade, Tim Wade

Executive Producers – Ty Moore, Angie Moore

Associate Producer – Jackie Lord

Starring – Ashlee Moore as Angela

Editing and Visual Effects by – Tim Wade

Assistant Director/Gaffer – Todd Spiegelberg


Ty and Angie Moore, Cecil and Addy Lord, Steve and Sherrie Van Noy, Sue Harris, Judee Yerion, Glen Meyer, Suez Smith, Lynn O’Donnell, American Ballet Academy

Did You Know?

  • Ashlee Moore who never before acted, was privately tutored for 4 months.
  • Beth Van Noy, the voice of the mother was only 18 years.